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The Louis & Friends Record Station

For the harddisk recording we use an Pentium II (32 MB RAM and 2,8 GB HDD) with Cre@mware`s TripleDat v2.6. This soundcard changes the analog signals from our 16 channel Mixer(Mackie) into digital music. There are no limits with number of digital lanes. For the sound effects we use several pieces such as limiter, reverb, echo, distorter and so on ... We use 7 especially microphones for the drum-recording and 4 micros for the band vocals, all from Shure. It is possible to master the sound files in dolby surround quality with any frequency, e.g.44,1 khz for CD-quality. For burning the CD-R`s we us a TEAC 4 times Burner. The hole system runs since 1997 and never crashed, so this is very surprising because we us Bill`s 95 to 98beta Windows update (sigh). If you are interested to hire this station and create your own music CD then please contact us with the "HOW TO ORDER" - Link above. It is also possible that we compose and record a song for you, perhaps for your darlings birthday. In this case send us an email with your lyrics and what style of music you want (should be R & B or a ballade, perhaps ?). So go on reading and look what instruments we have in use and not often, but more often we can play before you join a session ! ;-))..