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Louis (me) and Toby founded the band in 1996 playing with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica doing some blues stuff. In April 1997 Axel, Robert & me settled to a house in Grub/Germany (Bavaria). There we build a recording studio in the cellar and since that time we make a session every wednesday with those guys who appear.

In 1997, Tom joined the band playing incredible guitar. Since we have no bass player in the band, we asked Peter to learn this instrument. Then, in 1998 an excellent harp player joined the band, right now given it`s band name "Louis & Friends", named Andy. The last one to join the band was in 1999, and the band got the drummer. Hey Man ! We`ve wait too long for: Tommy. Then we get our 2nd Bass Player named Dirty Harry, a really good bassist !

We play especially rock & blues stuff (see sound section) and we`re recording a CD by the way (--> CD-Project). On 22th of december 2000 we`ve made our first gig - maybe the last, it depends on "Uwe" our only fan. Would he take part at our concert? (just kidding!)

Yes! This was a great concert with about 100 people taken part of the show. Meanwhile we have finished our first Studio CD ( see CD Project) and just now we are planning to do a live CD. Sad to say that "Long Tom" has left the wednesday sessions but is still a part of us ;-))))

That`s it guys !